We are proud to provide our extensive package of full-scale tree removal services. At John’s Tree Experts, we boast over 40 years of combined tree removal experience, guaranteeing quality and sound peace of mind. Your smallest or largest tree removal wish is our priority, and we feel confident in our ability to provide the highest quality tree removal services throughout Long Island.

Do you have dead, damaged, or leaning trees located on your property?


Or perhaps a recent storm has damaged and weakened trees beside your home? There are a number of reasons individuals and property owners seek tree removal, and we can help you assess your best action plan. Some of the most common causes for tree removal include root problems, damaged structural integrity of a tree, insect infestation, rotting/decaying, tree leaning toward home, and undesirable location of a tree. In any case, tree removal is best left in the hands of expert professionals.

Here are just some of the things John’s Tree Experts can help you out with:


John’s Tree Experts provide tree pruning for safety, aesthetic, and health benefits of your property. Whether you’ve got trees obstructing entrances, buildings, sidewalks, or gardens, or if the trees are simply growing in an unruly manner, we can help with tree pruning. In addition to clearing the obstruction, tree pruning is also quite beneficial for the tree’s health and overall aesthetic curb appeal.


Unkempt tree stumps have the potential to harbor fungus and parasites, not to mention their unsightly curb appeal. Like anything, the longer the tree stumps get neglected, the more detrimental the resulting effects can be upon your lawn, plants, and property. John’s Tree Experts provide safe, economical, and high quality services, leaving your property seamless and offering essential peace of mind.


In addition to tree removal services, John’s Tree Experts are skilled in full scale land clearing services as well. If you’re preparing your property for further development, or simply want to get rid of tree stumps and debris, we can help you out with any of your land clearing needs. Clearing your property is a big job, and we can strategize the best course of action for your needs and property.


Making your tree and property more environmentally safe is our prerogative. With our tree topping services, we remove any limbs or branches that might be obstructing or causing harm to your property. If tree topping is inaccurately performed, a number of problems might arise. Blocking power lines or leaving trees with improper balance between roots and crown can pose detrimental side effects. Leave tree topping in the hands of the experts, like John’s Tree Experts, and grant an always safe environment.


Tree cabling is integral to providing support to tree limbs, trunks, and branches that might be broken or leaning. John’s Tree Experts provide seamless cabling solutions, considerably reducing the risk of future hazards. With cabling, we can alleviate the stress on the trees and provide stability from inclement weather.


A tree or branch with a structural defect might be posing an increased risk for failure or damage to your overall property. In this instance, John’s Tree Experts can provide knowledge, credibility, and 40 years of tree services to you. With our Branch cutbacks, we can offer a support system to your tree that is guaranteed to reduce your risk for property damage or injury.


Are you looking to create more sunlight through your maturely shaded trees? Canopy elevation is solution that we can provide by removing lower tree limbs and creating more “head room.” By doing so, we can create a larger space for you to frequent underneath the tree, making regular property maintenance that much easier. In addition, more sunlight will filter through the trees and increase the aeration.


After providing your property with our tree services, John’s Tree Experts kindly offer to provide dumpster delivery and carting to manage the debris. We’ll take care of all of your tree removal services, as well as provide you with the convenience in adequately disposing of the debris for you.